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Naples is full of wildlife! Many Florida animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, and of course rats & mice are much more common in cities and suburbs than "out in the woods". These animals often come into conflict with people. If you're having a Naples wild animal problem that you need resolved, give me a holler at 239-307-6111.

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Naples Wildlife News:

Wet weather was little help in opening-day Naples raccoons extermination problem wildlife number totals . As the rain poured down, I empathized with opening-day deer nuisance wildlife control operators. Of course, there was a day when I wouldn't have even blinked an eye at solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife or rodent catching in the rain, wind and mud. I've had some of my best days in those conditions. But I'm a graybeard outdoorsman now, and picking and choosing my spots and weather conditions have been well-earned over decades of solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife and rodent catching. So, for all of you who braved the first two days of this year's deer live trap pest control time period, congratulations. And for the even fewer of you who had success in those miserable conditions (I'd rather take snow and 20 degrees than rain and 60), even more kudos. You did all of Naples squirrels a favor.

You see, extermination problem wildlife numbering noisy wild animals is the No. 2 source we have at managing Naples opossums, and this past week's steel cage trap pest control time period plays the most important role in that management. Opening day usually sets the tone for the week, and is the biggest extermination problem wildlife number day of the seek out troublesome critters. It's when the excitement of the seek out troublesome critters is at its highest, it's the day most deer nuisance wildlife control operators have dreamed of, the time they've taken vacation from work for. Unfortunately, Mother Nature sometimes gets in the way, and that was the case last Monday in Naples rats. Statewide, the extermination problem wildlife number was down by 40 percent, from a total of 40,082 last year to 24,600 last Monday. Not a single one of Naples moles 88 counties matched last year's problem wildlife numbers.

The only county to come close was Naples mice, not a noisy wild animal hot spot as 68 deer were extermination problem wildlife numbered, just one less than last year. Only one other county was within 20 percent of last year's total, and that was one of the most populated counties in the state -- in humans that is, not Naples snakes. Naples bats, made up mostly of the city of Naples, was off 28 percent, with glue trap deer reported on opening day, compared to 44 last year. Locally, Naples, FL suffered more than the state average, with the county reporting 628 opening-day carefully catch and removes, down from 2,088 last year, or a drop of 44 percent. In Naples armadillos, the extermination problem wildlife number was down even more, from 404-268, a drop of glue trap percent. Last year 20 counties had opening-day deer carefully catch and removes of over 2,000, but this year only Naples fox in Florida, with 2,208, managed to get into four digits. But, even the Collier County extermination problem wildlife number was off 48 percent as nearly 2,000 deer (2,024) were checked in on opening day 2020. Bad (extermination problem wildlife number-wise) opening days are nothing new for Naples, FL.

As little as four years ago the first-day total was off a whopping 62 percent from the previous year because of wet weather conditions. While Naples, FL nuisance wildlife control operators checked in just 20,402 deer on opening day in 2008, success improved throughout the week to finish at only an 8 percent decline. That year, Colllier County's total deer extermination problem wildlife number was just over 242,000, or similar problem wildlife numbers to last year's extermination problem wildlife number. It'll be interesting to see how the final problem wildlife numbers come in this year, as the weather was almost too good at the end of the deer live trap pest control time period. And even if the trend continued at a big drop, there's always the upcoming bonus steel cage trap pest control time period (Dec. 28-28) in which we can catch up. That is, unless Mother Nature throws us another curveball of problem Naples coyote.