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Can Armadillos Transmit Leprosy to People?

In certain areas of the United States it would be very unexpected to see an armadillo wander into a backyard, but in other regions this occurrence is very common. Armadillos have a bad reputation because they are known to carry leprosy. You should find out more about these animals if they live in your area. Many people do not know much about leprosy. According to research, when you get close to a Naples armadillo, there are higher chances of getting infected by leprosy. Some people hardly know they have the disease until it is too late. The good thing is the availability of medication in such cases has allowed many people to recover easily.

Due to high temperatures
The main reason why the Florida armadillos have the leprosy virus is due to the good weather conditions which are ideal for the growth of this disease. Due to the high temperatures, it becomes easy for the leprosy to thrive. This is the main stumbling block which has made it very hard to control this disease completely. When you live in places that have high weather conditions, there are higher chances of contracting this disease when you have constant connection with the armadillos.

Contraction is low
The good thing in this case is that the levels of contraction are very low. This makes it very hard for many people to get the disease. There are very few cases reported in a year, and this is a good thing since it shows that many humans hardly have any contact with these Naples animals. This is due to the constant on the ground education and informing people of the dangers they face when they expose themselves to these animals.

Cure available easily
The medical facilities have the cure handy just to address any case that arises. This has made it easy to control the disease since they administer the cure and isolation of the patient instantly until they recover.

Only animal to have leprosy together with humans
This is the only animal in the world which has leprosy, as is the same case with humans. This fact makes them feared since nobody wants to contract this disease.

How to prevent the leprosy from infecting you
There are a number of cases associated with leprosy from the Florida armadillos. However, this is not a matter of concern since it is easily treated. This only happens when you know you have a connection with the animal. You can have leprosy without knowing and it ends up affecting you badly. The good thing is the cure is readily available. However, if you can avoid direct contact with them, then you have better chances of not getting this disease at all. Some common factors to consider in order to avoid the disease include:
• Avoid direct contact with the armadillos
• Avoid skinning the animal
• Do not go hunting for the armadillos
• Do not eat them at all
Once you follow these vital and crucial details, you no longer need to worry about any cases of leprosy.

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