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What Should I Do If I Find an Orphaned Baby Wild Animal Outside?

Most of the time people try to avoid wild animals if at all possible. Wild animals can pose a physical danger as well as health risks. The exception might be when you find a baby wild animal that appears to be orphaned. In this case, compassion might draw you toward the animal. If you find an orphaned wild animal wandering about your home or property, you must know that something has happened to the mother. There are different things that could have happened. The mother might have been killed through a hit and run driver; the mother might have been trapped in a humane or lethal trap; the mother might have been injured by a human; or the mother might have been scared away from her babies. These are the possible reasons why you can find an orphaned baby Naples animal wandering helplessly in your yard or home. So the question is what to do when you find such a helpless wild animal.

Catch the Orphaned Baby Wild Animal and Try to Reunite it With its Mother
One thing about orphaned baby wild animals is that most of them are not able to survive independently from their parents. For that reason, you need to do something when you find them wandering around helplessly. Just ensure you catch the baby Florida wild animal and try to reunite it with the mother. This is if the mother is still alive but something made it move without the babies.

Find Out If the Orphaned Wild Animal Is Injured or Sick
After catching the orphaned wild animal, the next thing should be to find out whether it is injured or sick. This is to increase the chance of the orphaned wild animal surviving without the mother. Check if the body is already bleeding and dress the wound accordingly. Also, watch the orphaned baby Naples wild animal to see whether it is healthy or sick in order to figure out the next thing to do.

Make Sure You Do Not Feed the Orphaned Wild Animal with Solid Food
It is true that you are trying to save the orphaned baby animal from dying due to lack of care. For that reason, you may be tempted to feed the animal with solid food. While that may seem helpful, it can be the reason why the orphaned baby wild animal will not survive without the mother. So avoid feeding an orphaned baby wild animal you found wandering about with solid food.

Hand off the Orphaned Baby Wild Animal to A Rehabilitator
After waiting for the mother for one night without seeing it, the best thing to do is to hand the orphaned baby wild animal to the people that are responsible for caring for it. There are people that are responsible to care for wild animals, and they are rehabilitators. Just hand the orphaned wild animal to them and they will ensure the Florida animal will survive and get back to the wild. Make sure you do not hold the orphaned baby wild animal for long before transferring it to a rehabilitator.

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