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What Animals Chew on Electrical Wires in Florida?

When a wild animal gets into your home and decides to stay for a while, you can expect a certain amount of damage to your property. Rats, Naples squirrels and mice like to build nests with materials that they find laying around, and all animals leave behind feces and urine. There are also many animals that chew on electrical wires. Many of them are the ones that happen to get access into our homes. The main area where this activity of chewing through wires is more pronounced is the attic; therefore, you need to keep the animal activities in this area as low as possible.

The class of animals that chew through wires
The main class of animals that are known to cause much damage to electrical wires is Florida rodents. Therefore, you need to be more careful with these animals:
• Squirrels
• Rats
• Mice
These are the primary animals that will cause damage to any wires that may be found in your attic, so you need to be aware of this possibility if you happen to come across one or more of these in your attic.

Possible reason for this
There are a lot of theories surrounding the reason why these Naples animals will want to chew through electrical wires, but the primary reason is to prevent over-growth of the teeth. If they do not constantly chew, their teeth will grow too long for them to manage.

The theory behind the assumption
Rodents’ teeth grow continuously without ceasing. They will often grow long, and this hinders effective eating and causes a lot of problems. Overgrown teeth might actually lead to starvation and thus death. Therefore, to avoid this kind of situation from happening, they will keep on chewing. Gnawing for the Florida rodents is good. If a rodent can find anything to gnaw on, they will really enjoy doing so. The benefit the rodents get from their gnawing is that the teeth stay short and very sharp. Therefore, to them gnawing is very helpful.

Surface the rodents prefer gnawing
There are a lot of surfaces the rodents will prefer gnawing. Wood in particular is the most preferred one; therefore, if your attic is made of wood, which happens to be the case for most homes, then it is at great risk of being chewed. Otherwise the Naples rodents will still gnaw on other objects like:
• Electrical wires
• Duct works
• Water pipes

Damages resulting from their activities
There are potential damages that may happen due to the activities of these rodents. Some of the damages are very hazardous and therefore needs to be prevented. The damages may include:
• Fires
• Water leakages
• Electrical short-circuiting
These are the most potential hazards that are likely to happen. If you happen to find a Florida rodent in your attic, it is advisable that you remove it at once before it causes significant damage.

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