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Lely Resort is full of wildlife! Many Florida animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, and of course rats & mice are much more common in cities and suburbs than "out in the woods". These animals often come into conflict with people. If you're having a Lely Resort wild animal problem that you need resolved, give me a holler at 239-307-6111.

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Lely Resort Wildlife News:

Rat Biology
Common rats or street rats are also known as brown rats. These rats are also called by other names such as Norway rat, Norwegian rat etc. This kind of rat is very common in Lely Resort animal control neighborhood as mostly people come across this type in their houses or neighborhood area.

These rats are one of its own kind as they are found in different parts of the world with dense population due to which they are well known by the people in the world. There is a myth that this kind actually came from Persia and resided in England nearly 200 years ago and further they ended up in other parts of the world with the help of English ships visiting different countries in order to increase their Lely Resort exterminator trade.

Interesting part is that this specie turned out to be swimmers let it be on the surface or a nice dive under the water. Moreover, climbing slim poles made up of rod metal to get access to the birdfeeders is also very common characteristics of brown rats. Not only swimming and climbing their traits encompasses digging Lely Resort pest control skills as well. Brown rats end up making a whole burrowing system underground due to this skill.