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Estero is full of wildlife! Many Florida animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, and of course rats & mice are much more common in cities and suburbs than "out in the woods". These animals often come into conflict with people. If you're having a Estero wild animal problem that you need resolved, give me a holler at 239-307-6111.

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Estero Wildlife News: Rat Biology

Rats come in different colors. Brown and grey are the most common ones. The brown rodent can grow to 25 centimeters long and its weight can be 350 g.

Physical Appearance
They have a bristly fur mostly of brown and grey color. Whereas if one compares the under parts of the skin it would be of lighter Estero exterminator shade.

Sexually rats end up maturing nearly at the age of 3 or 4 months. Usually a rat lives for 2 to 3 years in urban areas and in wild areas the age span is less than 1 year.

Since rats are omnivore they end up eating both animals and vegetables or one can say whatever they get their Estero animal control hands on. Cereals are considered to be essential part of their food.

Thought to have originated in northern China, or there are myths that it travelled from Persia to England and from there this rodent is found all over the world except Antarctica. Moreover, it is considered to be dominant rat in Europe and most of North America. With rare Estero pest control exceptions, this rodent ends up living wherever humans reside, especially in cities.